Some side effects may include…

April 6, 2009


…nausea, upset stomach, sudden mood swings, crabbiness…

UPDATE! Some of my brother’s friends were talking about penises and thought I should make some changes to today’s post. So without further ado:




  1. Correction: They were talking about foreskins. Foreskins are the new black penises.

    • I felt really uncomfortable approving this comment.

  2. You don’t have to approve of my life choices, but you must approve my comments. Huzzah!

    • By the way, good luck in your case against that unlicensed Mohel you found by the freeway.

      • I think I’ve got a shot. I clearly asked for side burns, not a Jheri curl.

  3. That smile says, “hoodless”.

    Every post should have a “circumcision” tag.

    • Tags: circumcision + poodle + weiners = someone’s getting a visit from the authorities!

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