Another piece of sage advice

April 15, 2009


or anyone else who can go naked without indecent exposure. That’s right Barbie, I’m talking about you. We all know what you did to Skipper.



  1. that shadow is a guffaw

    • The alternate caption for this is “What, me worry?”

  2. I would like to see this in flip book form, with the shadow acting indepedent of the pixie. Shadow Pixie, a 9-nine part series. with knives.

    • Get a mop, you just blew my mind!

      • whoa, what’s with all the 9’s? uh oh….number 9, number 9, number 9…

        • get *slap* a *slap* hold *slap* of *slap* your *slap* self *slap* man! *slap**slap**slap*

          • Older Figure
            Oh, you two. (Folds arms, rolls eyes)


  3. also, never trust The Pixies. I hear they have all kinds of personal, inter-band conflict.

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