Mascot available!

April 20, 2009


This mascot and logo is currently available for the brand launch of the highest bidder. Some possibilities may include:

Fancy Lad Powdered Wigs

Fancy Lad Roofing & Siding

Fancy Lad’s All-American Steakhouse

Fancy Lad Hunting & Camping Supply

Fancy Lad Guided Missile Systems

Please submit other suggestions in the comments, funny people!



  1. Fancy Lad Herbal Teas
    Fancy Lad for Cravats Unlimited
    Fancy Lad’s Unicyclery
    Fancy Lad replacing Marky Mark as head of the Funky Bunch
    Fancy Lad/Herr’s Repair Shop

  2. Fancy Lad Taxidermy
    Fancy Lad Crime-scene Cleaner
    Fancy Lad Mentoring
    Fancy Lad Synergy Solutions

  3. Fancy Lad’s Fancy Lad and Exotic Male Dancers.

  4. Fancy Lad Lances
    Fancy Lad Fences
    Fancy Lad Lancing and Fencing Service

    • Fancy Lad’s School for Flouncing

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