The Boringest Space Adventure Ever

June 16, 2009

lost and found

“I believe you dropped this science device, Mr. Space Explorer.”

“Why, thank you, strikingly humanoid Martian.”


  1. In other news, I received this spam comment today:
    “You know so many interesting infomation. You might be very wise. I like such people. Don’t top writing.”

  2. “…and then they shook hands and went their separate ways, glad to have met but not much changed by the meeting.”

  3. Star date 20090616: I set out on this journey with expectations of exploring the strange mysteries of our universe, but it turns out humanoids are about the same wherever I go. I fear I have made a poor career choice. Perhaps I should enroll at a culinary institute.

    • These are great! It’s like Proust in space.

    • In space, no one can hear you sigh.

  4. we don’t top writing, that’s for sure

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