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The brain swapping experiment

July 31, 2009

hit the juice

We’re glad to see you’re sticking with your mad science, after the failure with the hypertoilet.


When Pig-men were Pig-Men

July 30, 2009

warthog boy

I remain nostalgic for a time when savage Pig-men roamed the streets.  Now they’re all “Ooh, no , I chipped a tusk!” and “Moisturize, moisturize, eat babies and moisturize!”


Uni, no!

July 29, 2009


Fans of the classic Dungeons & Dragons television show may remember this early version of Uni (later replaced with a baby unicorn) from the era when script and character decisions were made by random dice roll.


The Vikings were a highly misunderstood people

July 28, 2009

viking guy

Um, it’s like a Viking guy? Without a beard? And he’s not really mean, but he does have an axe and the helmet with horns on it. So, maybe they weren’t all, like barbarians. Or maybe he’s still young, and the years of looting and pillaging and ravaging haven’t gotten him down. His friend Sven is still alive, and he hasn’t lost that eye to the Kraken yet, and maybe he sees a time when he can settle down on a slightly less wind-swept rock with his chattel. So he’s full of hope and youthful Viking-youth vigor? Or maybe he’s listening to a particularly bawdy chant?


Cupcakes are hip

July 27, 2009

cupcake deal

Hip to the scene, that is. Know the score. Are with “it.” Have extra “sprinkles.”


He’s a wizard

July 24, 2009


and nobody will have beaten him.



July 23, 2009

disconsolate gigantitarian

You should have seen what he used for fertilizer.


Wizard dude with a skeleton hand…

July 22, 2009


…casting a spell of Polymorph Girlfriend.


Paging Dr. Chicken

July 21, 2009

side effect

Here’s the good news: the sex change procedure was a partial success!


The Privateer

July 20, 2009

ghoulish-titleunpleasant fellow

Another installment of the very occasional series, Ghoulish Victorians.