Caption contest!

September 12, 2010

Winner will receive a something or other. Go!

In other news, I was at my first ever comic book convention today. It was pretty cool, but man, someone needs to teach those nerds how to face trim a saddle stitch book.


  1. Do we get multiple entries? Here are mine:

    1. “..and so on the same day I found I out that I had scabies and my wife was cheating on me.”
    2. “You do know a birthday suit isn’t a swimming suit right?”
    3. “Yes these are my real ears. But this book is a fake, I’m illiterate.”
    4. “We’ll need you to shred all these documents and then you’re fired.”
    5. “So it turns out that this, and not space, is the final frontier.

  2. 1. I’m unsuited for grad school.
    2. The results are in. I still hate you.

  3. These tests aren’t going to test themselves.

  4. Whaddya mean you don’t like Chicken McNuggets?

    I used butane. What did you put on your Korans?

    Nice Trapper Keeper, asshole.

  5. So you’re a free range transvestite…?

  6. I’ve got quite a bit of slightly eaten homework here…tell me what you need and I’ll se what I can do.

  7. […] Caption contest continues. I may give it another week, or maybe have you guys just do the writing from here on out. […]

  8. […] caption contest is wheezing to a close, enter now for a chance to win a figurative piece of my […]

  9. Who cares what you major in? Your dad’s going to give you a job at the henhouse after you graduate, anyway.

    Me? American Studies. Total gut.

  10. Go on, get out of here. I couldn’t make you work late on a day like this. Opening day of pancake season comes but once a year.

  11. ♬ You’re a cock, you’re a cock, you’re a cock. ♬

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