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World’s Greatest Gardener

October 23, 2009

cyborg man apeS

I suppose you think genetically engineered cyborg man-apes are only good for killing?


Pot Bellied Armor

October 22, 2009

pot bellied knightS

Invented by  Benjamin Franklin the Bloodthirsty, who is also credited with the creation of Laser Bifocals.


Scene from the ’09 Hat Summit

October 21, 2009

different hatsS

Point of clarification: that’s the 2609 Hat Summit. Fashion observers may remember this was the year the  Morlock delegation ate all those Carmen Mirandroids.


Meow, see?

September 23, 2009

miscast spell

Don’t practice your spell-casting in front of a mirror.


PhD in Evil Theology

August 4, 2009

Cardinal Killedyeparents

Don’t even ask how this guy goes to the bathroom.


The brain swapping experiment

July 31, 2009

hit the juice

We’re glad to see you’re sticking with your mad science, after the failure with the hypertoilet.


Paging Dr. Chicken

July 21, 2009

side effect

Here’s the good news: the sex change procedure was a partial success!